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La Raquel, both for the beauty of the place and the tragic history of Felicitas Guerrero, is one of the emblematic sites of Route 2.

Manuel Guerrero, brother of Felicitas, owned some 40,000 hectares, affected to production since 1888. Pioneer in the dairy production in the Salado Basin, with advanced techniques, he dispatched about 18,000 liters per day by train to Buenos Aires from the Guerrero Station.

The Country House remains the reflection of a family which, with great dedication, contributed to the growth of the country, offering work and caring for those who worked with them.

Manuel Guerrero was succeeded by his daughter Valeria who, together with her husband Juan Pablo Russo, decided to form a Foundation in order to preserve the place and keep alive that pioneering desire to contribute to the development of Argentina.

La Raquel is a place that shows our history. We work hard so that this Country House -which can be seen from the Route- preserves its cultural heritage.